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The DJ Equipment Beginners Must Have

When you’re an aspiring DJ, you’ll need a good beginner setup. This is extremely necessary to train yourself to be a future DJ. Owing to the advancements in technology over the years, you can get the essential equipment without spending a fortune. Today, more brands are coming up with equipment for mobile DJs and bedroom…
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Top 4 Sources of Music for the DJs

There are many places the DJs get their music from. If you’re an aspiring DJ or have just started DJing professionally, you need to consider a few things. Simply put, DJs are curators of music. They aim to utilize the power of music to create memorable moments for their audiences.  For achieving this purpose, they…
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Cables Used in a DJ Controller

If you’ve just begun learning the art of DJing, watching an expert DJ perform can be overwhelming. The way the DJ controller with flashing lights and buttons is used seems like an impossible task. Well, a DJ controller is used to help you mix the audio files.  This is done by the controller while utilizing…
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